The Sports Life – The Love of Sports

Sports is an integral part of many people’s lives. There are the professional athletes who make millions, the weekend warriors who play the sport they love, and the fans who mainly watch the pros play. Then there are those who just partake in more non-competitive activities for fun like Parkour and skating around on inexpensive Penny boards, long boards, or skateboards.

Although some think sports is a waste of time, for others, it’s a chance to escape the monotonous of everyday life which includes waking up, going to work, driving home, eating, sleeping, and starting over again the next day. It’s a time for fans to bond with their friends, to take their minds off of reality for a bit and enjoy the excitement and thrill of their favorite team playing.

It’s hard for those who aren’t into sports to really understand how important sports is to the fanatics. For many, sports is life. There’s nothing like being in the stands as your home team comes back from behind to win a game and definitely nothing that beats experiencing your team winning the championship along with tens of thousands of other fans.

Of course, there’s also the disappointment and heart break of seeing your team lose. Sports is an emotional experience, not just a game where you look at points going up on the board.

Some fans get way out of hand and cause riots when their team wins or loses which is a bit ridiculous but crowd think can be a strong force causing people to act in ways they normally wouldn’t act, that and alcohol.

Whether you like sports or not or you think professional athletes get paid too much, sports is here to stay. It’s entertainment and for some, it’s a way to make some money as well.

Playing sports is a great way to get into shape and strengthen your determination. Getting good at a sport takes time and practice and when one makes progress, it can lead to a sense of achievement and accomplishment. This is why you see so many people partake in sports even when there’s no money involved. It’s the competition and being better than you used to be that drives a lot of people to become better not only at sports, but at life in general.

So the next time you see some kids cruising around on their Penny boards or doing tricks with their skateboards, just let them be. It’s a whole lot better than staring at their phones all day long.