The Craziness of Fashion

Fashion, some people understand and embrace while others have no clue what’s going on. I guess I’m somewhere in between.

I get that as individuals, we want to be heard, to have the freedom to express ourselves. I also get that we also have the need to fit in, to be accepted. With fashion, we can express our individuality while not being a total outcast by the clothes we wear.

Here’s where most people might get a bit lost, fashion shows. You know what I’m referring to, runway models strutting down the catwalk in ridiculous looking outfits that you never actually see anyone wear in any other setting. It sort of makes the whole idea of fashion laughable.

Understand that fashion, for many, is like art. It’s a way to release their creativity and to try out new things. In fact, if you were to design clothes for the runway and only stuck to what was acceptable, your designs might be seen as boring. Of course, going too far the other way might cause people to cringe at the first sight of the poor models who have no choice but to wear the out-of-the-box designs, like people who still use those old but cool Polaroid cameras, although, they’re actually quite useful.

For most people, these shows are meaningless because they don’t look at those shows to know what to wear, instead, they look at their peers, role models, and celebrities. Much of how trends start is from celebrities.

Speaking of trends, if you’ve looked into fashion, you’ll know that much of it is cyclical. A lot of what’s “in” today was in 10-20 years ago. What’s in today will probably be “out” within a few years or even months only to return some time in the future. Whether it’s a pair of Ugg boots, aviators, a 5 panel hat, distressed jeans (yes, people pay for pre-ripped, worn looking jeans), bracelets, or anything else that is in style right now, sooner or later, it will be replaced by something else. If it’s more than just a mere fad, it’ll make its return.

Now, some people don’t care for fashion and show it by wearing whatever makes them feel comfortable. For others, it’s about looking good. From fit to color coordination, the outfits they wear have been thought out.

Some nice chinos and a casual button down shirt looks a lot better than sweats and a baggy t-shirt but when it comes down to it, it’s just clothes and if you don’t have anyone to impress or you just don’t care what other people think, then be free and wear whatever you want.

However, if you want to impress or just feel good about yourself, look into fashion and try out some new styles. Dump the crazy ones and stick with ones you like.

Seriously, it doesn’t take all that much to look good. You just need to know some basics and the most basic rule when it comes to fashion is to wear clothes that fit you. For some, this may mean going to a tailor while for others, it may mean going down a size or finding brands of clothes that make slimmer fitting clothes.

In the end, it’s not really about what you wear, it’s about how you feel. If you’ve been wearing those sweats and baggy tee all these years and feel good about it, continue doing what you’re doing. However, just for fun, try dressing better for a week just to see if you don’t feel even better about yourself. It could be a big eye opener.